Being a poet

Writing, isn’t,
losing something, but,
is regaining every feeling, that is lost.

Writing has, but,
far reaching effect,
to many, it might result,
in a perspective shift, complete.

So write whatever you want,
adding, a little rhyme to it,
and you shall be loved,
for you might have made,
a connection for a lifetime,
with someone disconnected,
your own unselfish self.

© Hari Prasad.S

4 thoughts on “Being a poet

  1. Perfectly penned.
    Writing is the best form of expression, most importantly when we wish to say something and we cant, due to reasons unknown . One can read and re- read whats written to ensure not to flaw inconveying ones emotions.
    Very nice👍👍

    Liked by 1 person

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