Local train to Mysore

At 5 AM the local train took to Mysore,
i got to cherish the local flavor.

Sleepy loco woke up unwilling,
cool air started gushing in.

None in the crowd were troubling,
though compartments were filling.

Standing ones still smiled,
few chewed betel nut red.

Vendors in eagerness to serve me,
crispy homemade vada, steaming idli,
spilled on it delicious chutney.

As the sun rose people opened the shutters,
and the light filled in with morning colors.

Farms outside were green with plantain,
few were tilled chocolate brown,
with peacocks pecking them like hen.

Sky was shy with colorful blushes,
it kept hiding behind the coconut trees.

The colors were vibgyor,
clouds ran haywire.

River Kaveri was on a sprint,
heavy rain made her a restless girl, overnight.

As the train pulled ahead,
lord vishnu’s abode appeared beside.

Before I could reach the Royal city,
i felt served with royalty.

Though was slow i am proud of this Loco,
Sad 4 hours flew in one go.

© Hari Prasad S

2 thoughts on “Local train to Mysore

    • Thank you Sarita madam :-).

      That’s what I feel too. Its was and will be a great fun which urbanization has probably taken away from us all. But we can still take a jolly ride sometime. Thanks for you lovely add-on.


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