ETs (Extra terrestrials)

Probably, divine plans,
god had when,
he transported us,
from somewhere else.

Displaced to earth,
we had, rebirth.

Planet, blue and green,
did not complain,
we brainy ETs,
colonized, new territories.

As inquisitive explorers,
we demolished, native species.

Good god consoled,
the oval sphere.

Though, he tried,
we ignored lord,
inventing, experimenting
we turned god.

We’ve spread over,
completely care free,
consuming this planet,
for our greed.

Probably, earth will
some day reveal,
a secret fable,
turning back, table.

That sure will,
be surreal,
“Men, to Mars,
Women, to Venus.!!!”

© Hari Prasad.S

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