Earth song

Middle of wheel, (earth)
is a battle real.

Today I will play,
with just wet clay.

Rotating round and round,
I’ll let symmetry surround.

With fingers gentle,
I’ll press, push and pull.

Beautiful pot ‘n’ vase,
surround my space.

My heart sings,
an accomplished song.

I have within,
found a meaning.

from the song,
my earth has sung.

Think beyond, you surround,
don’t just merry go round.


© Hari Prasad.S

Cats are like us

A pussy cat sat on the top,
flashing the light, back to my shot.

Like two north stars, its eyes torched,
staring constantly undeterred.

Royal by character,
expects least pamper.

They are a happy lot,
if are let to be just cats.

Unlike dogs, made to act,
cats are like us, dislike being taught.

© Hari Prasad S

ETs (Extra terrestrials)

Probably, divine plans,
god had when,
he transported us,
from somewhere else.

Displaced to earth,
we had, rebirth.

Planet, blue and green,
did not complain,
we brainy ETs,
colonized, new territories.

As inquisitive explorers,
we demolished, native species.

Good god consoled,
the oval sphere.

Though, he tried,
we ignored lord,
inventing, experimenting
we turned god.

We’ve spread over,
completely care free,
consuming this planet,
for our greed.

Probably, earth will
some day reveal,
a secret fable,
turning back, table.

That sure will,
be surreal,
“Men, to Mars,
Women, to Venus.!!!”

© Hari Prasad.S

Roof is seeping

The roof is seeping cause of ignorance,
in darkness are the senses.

With no guiding force,
will i ever climb out of my roof ?

Base busted, strings lost,
will i ever play pleasing notes ?

Slipping into sand dunes,
in and out i see repentance.

By asking for mercy,
his kindness has poured in faithfully.

The roof is gleaming with bliss,
because of his blessings.

© Hari Prasad.S


I pray everyday to stay,
in this hazy crazy maze.

But to fend, for your queries,
i’m digging within, a quarry.

I have hit the ground,
with no traces to return.

Maybe you would enter this den, calm,
and fetch yourself, a gem.

© Hari Prasad S