Road is casual, route is dull,
until I walk, I am just critical.

It comes alive while I explore,
the beauty, the thrill that it has in store.

It is my choice, it won’t enforce,
what I want to discover, is my endeavor.

Some take to the usual, some to the rare,
some take to the past ‘n’ some to the future.

Some are leading to, an era gone by,
some are so hectic, i wish I can fly.

Some would turn left, some could turn right,
a few can turn, u, complete.

© Hari Prasad.S

Be permeable

Let the divine nutrition, pass through your shell,
worry not about the dirt.

Hold on to the power inert.
Your award is well engraved inside your psyche.

Why die anonymous ?
What would you do with an award posthumous ?

So dont be a tough nut,
just let yourself germinate,

Be permeable.

© Hari Prasad S

Hope to hope

Hope is an emotion, yet we all own,
is cause of all the pain, though is well known.

Knowingly we all take it in-stride,
to just keep this bug alive.

It has a sweet poison for those of us,
who cannot refrain to contain.

Hope is also a rope that we tie,
yet, hand over to one who annoy.

As pain is inherited from Adam and eve,
so it is fine to hope and live.

Without it, we’ll be cynics,
with it you see, we are all in sync.

© Hari Prasad S

Local train to Mysore

At 5 AM the local train took to Mysore,
i got to cherish the local flavor.

Sleepy loco woke up unwilling,
cool air started gushing in.

None in the crowd were troubling,
though compartments were filling.

Standing ones still smiled,
few chewed betel nut red.

Vendors in eagerness to serve me,
crispy homemade vada, steaming idli,
spilled on it delicious chutney.

As the sun rose people opened the shutters,
and the light filled in with morning colors.

Farms outside were green with plantain,
few were tilled chocolate brown,
with peacocks pecking them like hen.

Sky was shy with colorful blushes,
it kept hiding behind the coconut trees.

The colors were vibgyor,
clouds ran haywire.

River Kaveri was on a sprint,
heavy rain made her a restless girl, overnight.

As the train pulled ahead,
lord vishnu’s abode appeared beside.

Before I could reach the Royal city,
i felt served with royalty.

Though was slow i am proud of this Loco,
Sad 4 hours flew in one go.

© Hari Prasad S

Experiencing sleep

By a mere closure of eyelid,
i skid.

Into a deep trance,
where silence took over noise.

Where the milder sounds seek,
and my awareness to these, at its peak.

The ticking clock, the frogs croak,
the cool breeze, the hoppers squeak.

Then a free fall i had,
into a never ending pipe.

I weighed just about a leaflet,
all this, seemed quick.

A beautiful cozy bed to retreat,
was the end to my treat.

© Hari Prasad S